Our ethos is the foundation on which we stand:

    1. Safety comes first
    2. Every project must be scientifically meaningful and benefit people’s lives
    3. We value local knowledge and we prove it by always partnering with local scientists and professionals
    4. We believe in the strength of Team-first approach
    5. Relationships rooted in respect - irrespective of gender, ethnic background, religious beliefs, political opinion, sexual orientation, etc.
    6. We employ our Zero Impact Policy to ensure that we have minimal environmental impact

    1. Carbon neutrality - we offset our fossil fuel consumption that is a result of travel by planting trees and economic equalizers (such as carbon credits).
    2. Minimal on-the-ground environmental disruption - unless absolutely necessary for human safety, we do not disrupt the natural environment, including rocks, plants and animal life.
    3. Zero waste - we pick up our garbage, and everything that comes in with us, gets packed out by use. And if others have left their garbage, we always strive to leave the environment in a better condition than we found.
    4. Local’s know best - We will work with locals to abide by their rules, regulations, but also customs and traditions, and apply their knowledge to optimize all our operations.
    5. Saving water and energy a strict policy of reducing the amount of water and energy employed for personal project uses will be implemented among all participants of any expedition.

    Zero Impact Policy