Our projects tackle radical challenges for science, while creating value for our partners through media exposure, technology testing in extreme settings, and by helping them fulfill their mandate for global stewardship.

Partnering with GeoArc provides a unique opportunity to be recognized as a keystone contributor in greatly needed cutting edge scientific research with a meaningful purpose, while demonstrating commitment to exploration, and discovery. Learn about some of our partners:


Petzl Foundation

Since 2006, the Petzl Foundation has been serving the mountain and vertical access communities that have enabled Petzl as a company to grow and prosper worldwide. Their priorities are accident prevention, conservation and scientific research; and it is in this last aspect that GeoArc and the Petzl Foundation partnered in 2017, bringing to life one of the most ambitious research projects on volcanoes of the last few years, the “Lava Lake Laboratory”.

Ineter | Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales

The leading scientific institution in Nicaragua for land management and natural hazard research, INETER has been in charge of monitoring the country's volcanoes for decades. Partnering with INETER during research on the Masaya volcano, GeoArc acted as the official monitoring associate for the volcano. Through our monitoring efforts we provided regular updates for civil protection, and set up a program to continue monitoring in partnership with local schools and authorities.


International Volcano Monitoring Fund

The International Volcano Monitoring Fund is dedicated to serving volcanically-threatened communities in low- to middle-income countries by providing instrumentation, training, and education. GeoArc enjoys working with critical partners such as IVM-Fund to bring unique projects to life.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University devotes their efforts to innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach. In the summer of 2017 GeoArc and Simon Fraser University partnered to conduct comprehensive research of one of the most active lava lakes in the world, with Glyn Williams-Jones, Associate Professor of Volcanology at SFU, heading the science aspects of the expedition to Masaya Volcano.


Open University

A world-leading distance learning institution, the Open University is a UK expert in flexible higher education. The OU continues to collaborate with GeoArc in our ongoing projects.


Alphasense is an independent gas sensor development and manufacturing company. GeoArc teamed up with Alphasense to develop and implement an array of specialized gas sensors, which were suspended above the incredibly active lava lake within Masaya Volcano (Nicaragua). These sensors helped us better understand the dispersion of the toxic gases and their effects on local residents.


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